Monday, September 19, 2011


Do you know when it is time to take the car away from your loved one with Alzheimer's.  Let me share with you my story.   It was a bright sunny day when Joe, my father in law took the car out like he has done all his life.  The man was a truck driver, and my sister in law was living with him.  She noticed that sometimes he gets confused but did not even give it a second thought that he may have Alzheimer's.  It was not until the day she got a call from the police that Joe had hit a car, did not stop and after a couple of miles hit another one, before she took his drivers license away and hid the car keys.  This is not a sad story. No one got hurt, but there are many who do get hurt. It is such a hard thing to do, take the car keys away from your loved one. They are use to doing what ever they want when ever they want. All of  a sudden their life is changing.  They already know something is wrong with them, but  they will not tell you out of fear. So you have to watch their body language and  soon you are taking care of them.

Let me share with you these links I found.

Warning Signs for Drivers:

Revoking a License:

Marie Fostino
Alzheimer's A Caretakers Journal
Seaboard Press An Imprint of James A Rock Pub., Co.

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