Monday, January 2, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR!   We get the chance to start new again. We get to change bad habits, and eat correctly, and exercise.  You with me?  We get to fix relationships and start over like new.

You also can work on your brain and try to  help yourself from getting Alzheimer's / Dementia.
It is important to exercise and eat the right foods. It is also important to read, and watch things on TV that makes your brain think. You have to exercise your brain.

What can we do to fight dementia? There is ever-growing evidence that exercise is both highly therapeutic and powerfully protective. Watch this video for insights to help get your new year in motion.

I try to walk 3 miles a day. One reason is to stay in shape. Second reason is because I enjoy listening to my radio while I am walking and having this time to myself. But the big reason is to help prevent Alzheimer's.

Read this from Alzheimer's Weekly called Walk the Walk.

Marie Fostino
Alzheimer's A Caretakers Journal
Seaboard Press An Imprint of James A Rock Pub.

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