Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alzheimer's Blogging:

We are all in denial about Dementia / Alzheimer's.  I forget where I put things so I make sure that I keep things a certain way. The keys go on the hook by the kitchen phone when I walk into the house. I put my shoes in the closet and never leave them downstairs. I do little things into a habit so that I will know where everything is when I  need them. But what happens when you don't put the keys on the hook by the phone. Can you remember where you put them? Does your memory work? What are some of the signs for seeing a doctor?

You need to look for the signs. Like can  you retrace your steps to find the lost keys?  Can you still make a pot a coffee, something you have done everyday since your 20's?  

Keep a journal, and write down what you did that day, and write down what frightened you also. Maybe you can't remember something and it bothers you so bad, write it in your journal. By writing in your journal you can figure out if this is something that is just passing or if this is something that is starting to be serious and should be looked at.

It is funny that sometimes I forget the name of a movie or a long lost friend. It will bother me all day long and than finally when I let it go, the name comes into my head. It is so funny how the brain can work so slow sometimes, but it is working and that is what counts.

Remember that it is important to exercise and eat right. Plus play games that work with your mind or do cross ward puzzles. Keep your mind sharp along with your body and you will keep yourself with your family a little longer. Alzheimer's / Dementia takes your away from your family even though they can see your body.

Marie Fostino

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