Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alzheimer's Blogging:

As I worked on my ambulance yesterday I came across this sweet women, who had no idea who I was, or anyone else for that matter since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Let me try and paint this picture.

We strolled into the hospital with our gurney to pick up a women in her eighties who just had a blood transfusion. Lying on the bed was a women with beautiful white shiny hair and pretty green eyes that had a blank stare in them. Next to her was the IV pole with the last of the blood pulsating into her veins. The nurse was busy writing her notes, and there was a caregiver sitting along side of her, waiting.

"Hi," I said as I bounced into the room looking past the nurse and the caregiver straight to my patient. She stared at the ceiling, like she couldn't hear me, while nestled under her covers.

The caregiver shot a look at me like, don't expect anything from her, as I continued to carry on my conversation.

"Hi Darlene," I continued, "I'm Marie." I looked for her hand so I could shake it. Pulling back the covers, I let my hand caress her frail hand. Her face slowly turned towards me and her eyes tried to focus on me.

"I have come to take you out of her young lady," I said with some humor in my voice. That is when the most beautiful smile began to grow on her face. The caregiver shot her eyes toward my patient. Darlene than laughed a small laugh out loud.

"That is the most response we have gotten out of her to day," replied the caregiver.

I smiled and squeezed her hand.

I had to share this with you. Just because they are diagnosed with Alzheimer's doesn't mean they aren't a human being who needs touch, laughter, and love like the rest of us.

Marie Fostino
Alzheimer's A Caretakers Journal
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