Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alzheimer's Blog:

Today on my ambulance it was an eventful day. I met a man whom in his time was a surgeon. I know he must have tales he could tell only this terrible disease took over his mind and body. Now he is lying in a bed refusing to eat, having to have oxygen on all the time, and pees in a foley cath.

I wonder if he ever thought about this disease when he was an inspiring surgeon. We all are in denial and hoping that dementia doesn't catch us. Is this the way he would want to live now?

I was told that in another week a feeding tube will be placed in his belly for nourishment. If he could make the choice would he approve of this?

There is no right or wrong answer. I saw a man who had glazed looking eyes, a body that kept shaking, and had no idea what was going on with a confused look on his face. The nursing home put in an IV to try and keep him hydrated. This patient took it out after a couple of days and the nurses had to put it back in. What will keep him from pulling out a feeding tube?

This is my thought for the day.
Marie Fostino
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