Monday, November 15, 2010

Alzheimer's Blogging:

As I searched through Alzheimer's Weekly yesterday I came across this interesting site. They want to prevent Alzheimer's and slow down dementia. So they have a site with sponsor linking brain games. Sounds cool doesn't it. I have attached them for you to go and cruse on to. - Fun memory games - Brain training games - Improve Memory - Repair your aging brain

These are just a few of the sites listed. I know it is scary out here. I am myself in my fifties and when I can't remember something I get scared. The other day I wanted to put some boxes in my daughters car. She was upstairs, so I went in her purse and took out her keys and went into the front driveway to open her car door. The keys would not work. So disappointed I came back into the house with the boxes. My son in law asked me what was wrong and I told him that I was trying to put the boxes in her car but I couldn't get the car door to open. He opened her purse and took out the keys I had earlier in my hands and said try these. I told him I did but they didn't work. So my youngest daughter said she would help. I took the boxes and started for the front door. She went to the door of the garage and asked me what I was doing. She opened the garage and opened the car door. She saw the surprised look on my face and then I told her I tried the car outside. She said, "Mom I'm worried about you. You know that Jessica always parks her car in the garage. That was my car in the driveway."

Hard to say, is this a sign for dementia or just mistaken identity.

Have a good day.
Marie Fostino
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