Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today was the big event here in Phoenix, Az. We were at the Wesley Bolin Plaza and at nine AM the three mile walk started. There was a wonderful turn out. It looked a lot bigger than last year. As I put my head phones on and walked I noticed a few cute elderly with their canes and a few people pushing wheel chairs. A lot of people brought their dogs, and baby carriages. It was great to see so many people whom work at nursing homes from the valley participating in this. Of course if you have a team or if you donate $30 you get a T-shirt, but it was awesome to see the shirts made with pictures of their loved ones who have suffered from this disease.

Here in Phoenix there was about 99 teams with the top team being Team Tonto Verde, with recruited members of 119 - brought in $9,070.00. I was able to come up with $490.00. It wasn't as big as Team Tonto Verde, but every bit helps. It looks like Phoenix did well, and I am hoping that in the other states they have done the same and we will soon have a cure for this horrible disease.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with this wonderful fundraiser.

Marie Fostino
Alzheimer's A Caretakers Journal
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