Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alzheimer's Blogging:

Tonight with my girls I watched the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. This is a wonderful movie about a woman who learns the value of friendship. It also shows how an elderly woman can tell stories and shares her experiences.

They had a scene at a nursing home with the wheel chairs lined up in the hallway with the men or women sitting in them looking so sad. I have seen this in real life. It seems like once a person is put into a nursing home they are forgotten. I am not saying all of them, their are a few families out there who truly love and miss them and make sure to visit. But so many of these people are lonely and they all have stories to tell. They were once young and alive like we are now. They once had dreams, and ambitions. Then old age got hold of them and they had to stop what they were doing. It will happen to you and me. We will get old and not be able to keep up the pace we are at now.

These people all have a story, and want to tell. With Alzheimer's if you don't get the story before their mind is gone it will be to late.

I loved hearing my father in law talk about the war and Hitler. He told me once how they thought they were going to capture him and how scared they were. They were told to go in, but when they went into his house Hitler was gone. My father in law said he had never been so scared.

Please listen to your loved ones stories and watch their face light up as they talk.

Marie Fostino
Alzheimer's A Caretakers Journal
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